Impacting Communities Through LoveLifts

LoveLifts: Our Community Impact Platform

We believe that companies, associates and the community truly thrive when companies are built to have a positive impact for all their stakeholders. 

So our mission is central to both doing “good business” and caring for the “greater good.”  Collectively, our companies help improve the delivery of patient care and the lives of everyone we touch through our businesses, in our communities and around the world. 

We call our community impact platform LoveLifts, because it reflects our natural drive to serve others from a place of caring, rather than obligation or "corporate responsibility."

Our two community impact priorities are access to healthcare and children’s wellbeing.  This means that most, though not all, of our work in some way helps overcome barriers to healthcare and/or fosters wellbeing for disadvantaged children, helping orphaned or otherwise estranged children feel safe, valued and healthy.

Our LoveLifts Work Has Four Avenues

  1. Associate Volunteerism — Organizing abundant opportunities for associate volunteerism and involvement to improve the lives of our teams and others we touch, from orphans in China to kids without Christmas gifts.
  2. Business Mobilization — Leveraging our business resources to solve community needs around the globe, like enabling U.S. doctors to treat sick global children from their laptops or phones.
  3. Purpose Partnerships — Forging rich partnerships that create shared value and catalyze others’ outreach, like becoming a Founding Sponsor of Conscious Capitalism Atlanta to help the chapter come to life.
  4. Corporate Giving — Sharing the bounty of our success with direct and matching funds. We match funds for associates who donate money and/or time to their favorite causes, helping them gain personal growth and rewards from participating in the Jackson Healthcare outreach culture.